I've got part of a matrix in A1:J5 and another part a matrix in A21:J25. How do I combine these ranges to get the 10x10 matrix?

I'm imagining a function APPEND like:


I would copy both ranges somewhere next to one another, but I'm doing this too many times to be practical.

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You can use the following array formula:



When inside an array formula, the inner IF(...) expression generates the desired 2D array so that you can apply on it any function, such as MINVERSE or any other function working on arrays.

enter image description here

Way cool. Never thought of using Row() in this manner. – Scott Craner 5 hours ago
How would I do this dynamically? Suppose I were unsure about the size of the matrix. – Will 3 hours ago
@Will I can't answer without more specific details. Please feel free to write another question with as much details as possible. – A.S.H 2 hours ago